Railfan, trains, railroad, transportation, pennsylvania, nj, pa, jim thorpe, new jersey, nj, photographers, photography, portraits
Railfan photography!
Brass Frog Photography, railfan, railroads, trains, model trains, pennsylvania, PA, portraits, photography, new jersey, NJ, South Jersey, locomotives, strasburg model railroad
Strasburg Model Railroad
brass frog photography, railfan, train, railroad, model train, jim thorpe, fall foliage, pa, pennsylvania, black, greenberg's, train show, hobby, picture, fine art
This is a real fav
Brass Frog Photography, Barry Rosier, Train, Steam engine, Rail Fan, Railroad, tracks, Strasburg, PA, Pennsylvania, Railway
Rail Fan Photography
Brass Frog Photography, Fine Art, Trains, Rail Fan, Photography, Portraits, Family, Wedding, Engagement, New Jersey, South Jersey
No one was harmed in the making of this photograph! Our other love – Trains, Rail Fan Photography

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