Love Christmastime!

I think I love Christmastime for a different reason than you may think! For 12 years – in a different world – I oversaw the gift giving to over 1000 children in poverty every year.  That brought joy to me, of course! Now, I love Christmastime for another reason.  It’s not the gift giving, but … More Love Christmastime!


Why are children afraid of Santa??? He brings presents right??? But alas, he’s this big scary guy that makes children cry.  Why do we always try to get our children to sit on Santa’s lap – and terrify them… but what’s worse, we take them to the mall, where they charge ungodly amounts of money … More OH NO IT’S SANTA!


Why do you need a portrait?  Why do you need a custom portrait? Gone are the days of putting a photograph on your desk.  Now you have cell phones to show everyone your loved one, but how great would it be to have that photo on your desk again – being that proud dad or … More Why?


Why do you choose the photographer that you do? Why do you go to a professional photographer? Is it their location – such as you are in the mall (although I don’t consider them professionals) and just stop in? Do you research and look for someone with the same sense of style you are looking … More Why?