Is it Real?

Sorry I’ve not blogged recently, but! We got to go to the New Hope & Ivy Railroad in New Hope PA! Wow! What a beautiful railroad that is!  I highly recommend it! So silly me, I forgot to bring my battery for my camera! Rookie mistake!  But I couldn’t leave without taking some shots of this … More Is it Real?

So today is it!

I’m so super nervous, today is the day! Barry is selling our Railfan art at the Greenberg show in Edison!  I can’t be there because I have to work and I have an event I’m photographing.  Gosh, I wish I was there. Let’s see if I can help him out here.  If you would like … More So today is it!

How We Railfan

Please note, no one or train got injured in the making of this blog.    Seriously, we never put ourselves in danger, we (well Barry) has studied trains for many years and knows what to look for, etc.  We take photographs from safe locations. This is what goes into Railfan photography, or this could be … More How We Railfan

What is Rail Fan?

I started to write this last night, but alas, WordPress ate it 😦  So I will try again. The love of railroads spans generations, little ones loving Thomas the Tank Engine, and therefore loving “big trains”.  The love doesn’t stop when a child grows, in fact grown men (mostly) travel the countryside in hopes of … More What is Rail Fan?