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Did You Miss Me?

Been a long time since I have had time to blog… Why you ask? Well there was this marriage… OURS!  The Co-Owners of Brass Frog are officially married!  Yes, we even hired a photographer for the wedding – it was hard but she did an amazing job.

Another reason for such a long pause in blogs is because of Dance Recital.  Take a moment to just enjoy the photography of dance – such long months of learning new dance technique captured forever in a moment – such beauty and grace!

We are available on a limited basis for: families, individuals, portraits, something unique photographs – be sure to capture your beauty and grace.

(website is currently under construction… again)

Please remember not to crop/alter/add filters to the photographs or remove watermark.  Feel free to share.  More photographs from the Dance Recital can be viewed at:

and also:

oh yeah and this link too:



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