Looking for the perfect gift?

Look no further! Gift certificates for photo shoots make the perfect gift.  Why you might ask? Why not capture that moment the person is celebrating! Sweet 16? Graduation? Going off to college? Baby shower? Wedding? Engagement? A milestone birthday? Let us, Brass Frog Photography, help you celebrate your next moment! Advertisements

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful women I have had the privilege to photograph!  Thank you for stepping in front of my camera and showing us how beautiful you are!  Your children will cherish those memories!  Stay strong, stay beautiful and keep loving!

Technique or Emotion

Two photographers – 2 totally different styles… One is more technical, one is more emotional. Which is right?  Is there a wrong? This photo is from a recent performance my daughters were in…. 2 photographers – 2 different styles. The owner of the studio, preferred one style to the other … You decide when you … More Technique or Emotion