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I totally am in love with Cristina … no not that way! She owns a fitness place – you know basically she kicks your butt to make you a healthier person.  She contacted Brass Frog Photography to do her employees head shots and one of her best clients as well.  Cristina is a no-holds-bar kinda chick.  But even though she contacted us, she didn’t really want to have her photograph done.  Cristina is a crazy, fun-loving, Christian woman who makes no bones about what she wants and how she is going to get it.  But! She really didn’t feel comfortable in front of the camera – until … she realized she would have a chance to kick my butt into eating right and exercising… all of a sudden this is the pose I got when I told her to kick my butt!

Love you Cristina! Thanks for choosing BFP to do your shoot! I look forward to sharing the rest of your photographs soon!

Be sure to check her out at

Needing head shots? Contact us, Brass Frog Photography

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I’m going to kick your butt!

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