Is it Real?

Sorry I’ve not blogged recently, but! We got to go to the New Hope & Ivy Railroad in New Hope PA! Wow! What a beautiful railroad that is!  I highly recommend it! So silly me, I forgot to bring my battery for my camera! Rookie mistake!  But I couldn’t leave without taking some shots of this … More Is it Real?

Photography & Fitness

I totally am in love with Cristina … no not that way! She owns a fitness place – you know basically she kicks your butt to make you a healthier person.  She contacted Brass Frog Photography to do her employees head shots and one of her best clients as well.  Cristina is a no-holds-bar kinda … More Photography & Fitness

What is Art?

Interestingly enough, Google does not say photography.  “Painting or sculpture” is used in the definition.  So is photography art?  I personally think it can be (but like not all who have a camera are photographers, neither is a photograph always art). Family photographs are not hung any more.  You change your wall color, you change … More What is Art?

It Was Cold!

But they still wanted to go out and shoot.  My wish is for every girl, woman and young woman to know their beauty – especially their inner beauty.  Portraiture is such a great way to let those in your life know they are beautiful – it’s great for their self-esteem, it lets them know you … More It Was Cold!