What are you doing this weekend?

So this Saturday and Sunday (March 12th and 13th) Brass Frog Photography will be at the Greenberg Train Show in Edison NJ (Tickets can be purchased here http://trainshow.com/edison03/) .

Now why would Brass Frog Photography be going to a train show? Well to sell our RailFan Photography of course.  Why would you want to go to Edison to the train show? Because it’s fun!  So many train things and this time you can get a combined ticket to the iHobby expo!

Maybe you are looking for a hobby? This is the perfect time to explore trains! You don’t need a big space to have a cool layout, or maybe you have a spare room that is just aching to have an awesome layout.  Whatever the case may be, RailFan photography is a great way to make any room or office look 1000 times better!

All of our prints come matted and ready for framing.  However, you can order various sizes or we can have the prints framed for you.  If you would like it on metallic paper or whatever your style is, just ask and we will be happy to accommodate you!  We will have one very special print available (seen here)

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This is a real fav

that is already framed 16×20 print on metallic paper – it is for sale for $150 (plus shipping unless you buy it at Greenbergs show for $125)

So look for Barry & Mike on Saturday or Barry & me on Sunday, eh! just look for Barry!  He’ll be there waiting to help you.  If you simply can’t wait, check out our website at http://www.brassfrogphotography.com to see all our Railfan photography.  We will be happy to take your order there.  (8×10, matted prints are only $25 plus shipping on our site, $20 at the Greenberg show).

If there is a particular engine or station you would like Barry to photograph, drop us a line at brassfrogphotography@yahoo.com

See you there!


twitter @brassfrogphoto


email: brassfrogphotography@yahoo.com



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