What Makes You Beautiful

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What is Beauty

In a time where everyone has to look perfect, does perfection make you beautiful?

First of all, yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  But, beauty really is more than skin deep.  It’s confidence, it’s a genuineness, it’s a caring heart, it’s a simple smile, it’s those little laugh lines or the way your hair falls on your shoulders.

However, if you don’t know someone’s heart, you may not see the beauty that lies within.  For those out there that want to show your beauty – it may be for your husband, your boyfriend or your significant other, or simply for yourself, Brass Frog Photography offers Boudoir & “Dudeoir”.  Surprise your partner with some amazing shots of you!

This photo is an “outtake” from a recent Boudoir photo session.  I personally love it as she was talking to the dog, but notice how the sunlight plays in her hair, her personality shows through, yet it’s really very sexy.

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