Hey Dad! I’m talking to you!

When was the last time you had your picture done? Yes, I know probably when you got married.  Well that’s great! How much have you changed since then?  So you look in the mirror in the morning, maybe you think you have gained a few pounds, or gone gray since the day you married your beautiful bride… so what? Does she love you? I’m guessing yes!

So, why am I talking to you?  Well, Mother’s Day is fast approaching isn’t it!  Why not get the kids and have a photo shoot with you and the little darlings.  Don’t think mom would approve of what you put them in? I’m guessing it wouldn’t matter!  How much would she love having a current photo of you and the children on her desk?  Got extended family too? Include the step children and half children and even Fido!  Are your children grown? Get them together and really surprise mom!  What about a nice portrait of you for your mom?

Contact your favorite local photographer, Brass Frog Photography to schedule your appointment soon.  Hey, mention this blog and we’ll even gift wrap your framed (or canvas, mug, cell phone cover, etc) photo for free.  How much easier could we make it!?

Ask about our February special too!



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text: 856.861.5190

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They grow so quick! Don’t forget mom!

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