A Dog & A Horse


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Hey Fred did you see what that tourist was wearing?

If I don’t put something really catchy right here, you will keep scrolling without reading this or liking or sharing.  So, what could be catchier than a picture of a dog and a horse?

If you have ever been to Jim Thorpe PA this sight might be very familiar to you, but I found it quite comical.  Now some of you may be upset by a working horse, but this blog is not for that.  It’s a simple picture of a dog and a horse.

You might think to yourself, “Self, if they were talking to each other what would they say?”  I think they would be talking about the day, or maybe the tourists pointing at them like they had never seen a dog on the back of a carriage.

What fun things in life do you like to capture and print?  When was the last time you family had a new photograph for the wall for people to wonder what you were thinking instead of a silly selfie.

Think about contacting your local awesome photographer, or if you are in my area of South Jersey, contact us at http://www.brassfrogphotography.com; brassfrogphotography@yahoo.com or on twitter @brassfrogphoto

See you in the next picture!

(PS this was taken with a bridge camera, not a great resolution, sorry)


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