Brass Frog Photography, Portraits, Photograph, Pictures, South Jersey, New Jersey, engagement, babies, birthday, weddings


Brass Frog Photography, Portraits, Photograph, Pictures, South Jersey, New Jersey, engagement, babies, birthday, weddings
Celebrate, Enjoy, Capture

Today is my daughter’s 15th birthday! So of course, I’m thinking about that special day when she was born.  I wish I had a photographer capture my babies births.  The joy of it all.   It seems like so long ago when she was born, yet it really wasn’t.

Time flies all too fast.  Where have the 15 years gone? Fortunately, I have it all in photographs.  Some… she would like to kill me for, others, she is grateful for.

Recently, I had one of my clients contact me and ask me if I would photograph her daughter’s upcoming birthday party.  Of course, I agreed!  The reason for this was because she wanted to enjoy her daughter’s party, be part of the fun, but not worry about taking pictures.  As a mom, you know you spend a lot of time behind the camera and worrying if a) you’ll miss a great photo and b) you are missing out on the fun!  I am looking forward to spending this time being their for her, so she can enjoy the party better.

I also had a friend contact me recently to photograph his son’s baseball game this coming spring.  His reasoning?  His son is now in college and hasn’t had a decent photo of him playing ball since he his son was a child.  He too wanted to enjoy watching his son play, but also wanted it as a permanent memory.  His son will be graduating next year and won’t be playing baseball much after college.  He has great memories with his son and wants to preserve them.  My friend lamented to me that

watching his daughter playing volleyball and wanting to take pictures.  He said he wasn’t getting the right shot, or they were blurry and then he would miss a great play because he was busy “fiddling” with his camera.

As a dance mom and photographer, I too am always behind the camera.  Fortunately, at a dance performance, my partner offered to take the pictures for me.  At first, I didn’t know what to do with myself, not having a camera in hand, but then I got to relax and enjoy the performance – for the first time in 12 years!  It was fantastic.

So think about hiring a photographer, not just for a great portrait, but for capturing life’s little moments (or big ones) so you can enjoy the moment instead of worrying about the photo.

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