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Tweens & Young Teens

The best advice I got was from my Aunt Becky when my first child was born was “enjoy him now, they grow so quickly”.  I thought yeah yeah they do, but in reality I had no idea.  I blinked one day and my baby was now 19!  How did that happen???   Fortunately I had pictures to help remember, but it seems as though as the tween years came about the pictures were fewer and fewer.  Oh sure, you might have pictures from school or at Christmas, but what about a good portrait?

When your baby is little, you run to the photographer at every milestone, the newborn, 3, 6, 9, and 1 year photos abound.  Pictures of your precious baby every where, “look at me grow”.  But what happens when your baby is now a tween or a young teen?  Usually you get that freshman photo and the senior photos, but what about in between.

Grab those precious memories before they slip away.  Tweens and young teens are at a crossroad, they are making decisions, they are becoming themselves.  Grab their personalities, their likes, their true selves… if nothing else so you can embarrass them later in life!

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