Engaged? Share the love!

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Engaged? Share the love

I love taking engagement photographs.  Why? you might ask.  Well, engaged couples are usually so busy planning their weddings that they often times forget about why they are engaged in the first place!  Stopping time to take photographs is so vitally important.  Most couples, when they begin a shoot are usually nervous, feeling pressed for time, etc.  But once we start a session, the couple tends relax, laugh and not worry about wedding plans.  I have this way of making a couple feel at ease.  Most couples find a certain look in their partners eyes that make them fall more in love during a shoot.

So you see, engagement photos are not just for announcing your engagement (which is fantastic), but it is for stopping time, saving a happy time in your life to look back on when things get tough, but also to stop and laugh and share the love!

Need to share the love? Contact us at http://www.brassfrogphotography.com, facebook.com/brassfrogphotography, twitter @BrassFrogPhoto


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