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The Real Reason I Shoot – or – The Life of a Photographer’s Kid

So I admit it – I have an addiction – to shooting!  Shooting my camera that is!  I love to always have my camera in hand and will shoot almost anything, that moves or doesn’t move.

Recently, I was asked to do a head shot. Well, I needed a test subject to test my lighting, etc.  There she was, one of my daughters – the not so willing subject, as you can see by the death stare in the one photograph.  Yes, her hair is a mess, and yes, I got the death stare, but… I got to compose the photo, check my lighting, f-stop/shutter speed, etc.  Eventually, I told her to pose and I got the second photograph.

So you see, this is why I love to do sessions, so my poor children don’t have to be the subject of my addiction!

Please help all those photographer children, especially mine, who have to suffer with the constant camera in their faces, make an appointment to capture your special moments.

www.BrassFrogPhotography.com or facebook.com/brassfrogphotography


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