Recently, I went to a very good friends wedding, camera in hand.  I had specifically asked his permission to take photographs.  He said they hired a local photographer (I was not local, and understood completely), but it was fine to take photos.  Being a photographer, I wanted to be respectful of the person they paid, and not block the view of others around me, so I sat in the back.

What I saw amazed me!  So many people standing up in front of everyone with their giant iPads to get a photo.  The photographer, looked at me and said I can’t get the shots they paid me to because everyone is in the way.

I would like to remind everyone attending a wedding, or other special event, put down your phone, enjoy the ceremony.  If you must take pictures, please be respectful of those around you, and refrain from posting on social media until after the event.  What if, you got a photo of the bride and posted it to social media and the future husband saw it before he actually saw her for real.

Put down the phone and enjoy!  21606439773_0fab622e35_o22039581508_830776b08c_o.jpg


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