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Behind the Scenes

23429774346_805668cab3_oI want to tell you about my amazing photography partner (who is also my partner in life, how convenient is that!).

My photography partner, goes to every shoot I have, helps me with the lighting, set up, and so much more, basically all I have to do is grab my camera, pose the subject(s) and shoot.  He almost makes me feel like a super-photographer with my own entourage.

But there is more to him that meets the eye.  While he is my photography partner, business partner, and “partner in crime” – he does his own amazing photography work.  Portrait work is not his calling in life, his is capturing the beauty in this world that God created.  He is an award winner with Scott Kelby and Viewbug.  His passion lies in capturing the water and everything surrounding it.  But his other passion is in Rail Fan Art; photographing old trains, new trains, whatever kind of trains he could get his hands on.

The thing is about my business partner, he encourages me to do better every time, he never lies to me and says “oh that looks great” when it doesn’t, but gives me great critique for improvement next time.  The other thing about my business  partner is, if you choose to have your photography session with us, you will immediately be put to ease with his great sense of humor and his ability to make everyone around feel comfortable.  Rest assured, with him around, your lighting will be spot on, and you will look like a million bucks!

Please check out his work!fine-art/c12yd



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