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Why Preserve the Present?


So why have your portraits done? Well this portrait was taken September 2015, and now this little boy is a grown man… do you see how fast time has flown? Ok ok, I jest, but as a parent we know how quickly time seems to fly.

This was one of my favorite little guys to photograph.  He loved grabbing my camera and checking out my work before I even had a chance to look.  I think he was ready to take over for me!

One day, he will be a teenager, probably as a typical teenager – ignoring his parents, hanging out with his friends and having his headsets in his ears.  But mom and dad will still have this precious memory, potentially still hanging on their wall, to remind them that he’s still their little boy.

Maybe one day, this little boy will have a little boy of his own.  He will want to show his children how much they look like him.

Preserving the present is so important.  Saving that moment in time.  Recently I ran across a photo of my daughter, age 3 with my best friend who passed away 11 years ago.  Bittersweet memories, a time long gone, but captured on film.

Yes, everyone has a cell phone now, everyone is a photographer, but are those photographs you would be proud to hang on your wall, say on a canvas wrap, or a 16×20 framed portrait.

Consider contacting your favorite photographer and I don’t mean that one in the mall.  Photographers are unique and have their own style.  Don’t be a cookie cutter. or





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