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About Me, If you want to know…

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Some people may ask, why did you choose Photography?  I didn’t choose it, it chose me!

What do I mean by that? Well ever since I can remember I had to have a camera.  Now, some people might call me old, but I started out with a film camera.  We were dirt poor, so my first camera was a good old Kodak with the cartridge type film.  I wasn’t allowed to take many photos as it was expensive to develop the film, but every chance I had, I had my camera.  I think this is where I learned to make sure my composition, lighting, etc was correct before I took the shot so I didn’t waste my parents money!

As time went on, my mom got a free SLR camera, I was fascinated by it, but never had the opportunity to learn how to use it (refer to the poor section above!).  But that camera always sat on my bedside table begging to be used.

Now, fast-forward a lot of years and digital has become the thing! No need to waste money on pictures when you can check anything out before having it developed.   Yes, I call it developed!   I still keep with me what I learned from film.  Get it right in the camera first, that way you don’t have to have more post-processing, maybe a tweak here or there.

If at all possible I like to carry my camera wherever I go now.  I have my cell phone like everyone else, but carrying my “real” camera just makes me feel better and is really an extension of me.  Now I just need to learn to approach people to ask them if I can photograph them, one day I’ll get over my shyness.

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