Valentine’s Day… Oh No! What to Do???

Are you expecting flowers for Valentine’s Day?  Are you planning on giving flowers for Valentine’s Day?  Are you looking for something a little more exciting? Why not give a little bit more of you?  Ever consider having a boudoir session?  You may be thinking, I’m not a model, I don’t look good enough… Let’s have … More Valentine’s Day… Oh No! What to Do???

The Real Reason I Shoot – or – The Life of a Photographer’s Kid

So I admit it – I have an addiction – to shooting!  Shooting my camera that is!  I love to always have my camera in hand and will shoot almost anything, that moves or doesn’t move. Recently, I was asked to do a head shot. Well, I needed a test subject to test my lighting, … More The Real Reason I Shoot – or – The Life of a Photographer’s Kid

My Cow

I love this cow!  On a trip to Lancaster County PA – on a road less traveled, there were of course the typical scenes of Lancaster; the farms, the Amish, the horses, the clothing hanging on the line, etc… But I was in hot pursuit of a Holstein cow!  Why? Well, I really don’t know … More My Cow

A Little Memory

This story has been on my mind for awhile now and I wanted to share it. Let me tell you a little story about Brooke. I met Brooke through a mutual friend and without going into too much detail, Brooke was going through a rough time in her life.  My mutual friend asked me to … More A Little Memory


Recently, I went to a very good friends wedding, camera in hand.  I had specifically asked his permission to take photographs.  He said they hired a local photographer (I was not local, and understood completely), but it was fine to take photos.  Being a photographer, I wanted to be respectful of the person they paid, … More Weddings

Behind the Scenes

I want to tell you about my amazing photography partner (who is also my partner in life, how convenient is that!). My photography partner, goes to every shoot I have, helps me with the lighting, set up, and so much more, basically all I have to do is grab my camera, pose the subject(s) and … More Behind the Scenes


There may be several reasons people want a head shot.  Most commonly for a model shoot or an acting job.  But don’t forget, you may need a good shot for your Facebook page or Linkedin.  Selfies are not a good way to accomplish the professional look.   Most photographers do not charge a large fee for … More Headshots